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August 21 2010 Greenpeace looses it's charity status in Canada, New Zealand and soon... Germany?

Greenpeace Economics Fail

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 10:49 PM by Richard Schitts

I would make a good green activist. Why? Because I understand economics. People don't like stuff that A) Costs them more money or B) Costs them their jobs. Well unless they are going to die, which I don't think will happen and explain here.

-It brings a happy tear to Greenpeace's eye.

Greenpeace "slammed" oil companies for raising their prices on the down low. Wait, wouldn't higher oil prices be a really good thing for GP? Wouldn't this mean other energy sources would start looking more economical? Shouldn't GP be encouraging oil companies to raise their oil price and congratulate them for doing it? I guess not - Greenpeace likes their oil the same way everyone else does: Cheap.

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