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Keystone XL Pipeline: Good News!

Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 2:26 PM by Richard Schitts

Finally there is some good news for the pipeline bringing oil from Canada to America. The State department gave the project a thumbs up saying: "concluding that the $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline would have minimal effect on the environment". It isn't approved yet, but it is a step in the right direction.

-That's just a road. What? It's and underground pipeline? AND it's going to create 10,000 jobs?

People picketed the white house last week protesting the project. Over 400 were arrested. What I want to know is where were the PRO pipeline demonstrations? Oh wait, people who are for the pipeline probably have jobs like the policemen who arrested the protesters.

One of the reasons the state department supports the pipeline is: "..the weak economy and high gas prices have made it difficult for the administration to oppose a project that would greatly expand the nation’s access to oil from a friendly neighbor and create tens of thousands of jobs."

It really is a no brainer to build the pipeline. It doesn't stop oil from being used, it just switches the source of that oil. No environmental impact. Be happy Canada gives us dibs on it's oil and doesn't sell it to... China. The other pipeline project considered by the Canadian government was from Alberta to a terminal in BC which would fill tankers bound for China. Yikes. Also, would we rather buy that oil from Saudi? Is it better to be blown up today by terrorists or worry about some slight warming effect (1-3 degrees) that may or may not have any major consequences. Oh and Canadian Oilsands only contribute 0.01% (Less than 1%) to the global greenhouse effect. I imagine Saudi Arabia is also antipipeline, and they sponsor terrorism!

What did the greens have to say about things? (Even after State engineers said it "would have minimal effect on the environment" and even though a public environmental assessment will be released along with mitigation plans in the even of a spill?

They said.. "extracting and processing tarry oil from the Alberta wilderness would significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions and devastate bird habitats. And they warn that a leak in the 36-inch-diameter pipeline could wreak severe environmental damage." Yeah lots of things could happen. Cities and windfarms are bad for birds too but greentards love them. Pretty much all of Canada is good bird habitat - should we tell Canada oh no you can't develop any more. You can never have 300 million people like us, you have to stay under 40 million. Oh and you can't develop your natural resources, because even though the mines will be returned to forest within 100 years and you have many millions of acres of forest more than us we love birds too much. We love birds more than Canadian jobs, or American Jobs.

I like birds, in chicken nuggets. I like them best when it's not just any chicken nugs, but the new chicken nuggets with all white meat.

Saudi Arabia is also antipipeline, and they sponsor terrorism! Ok that was a cheap shot. The environment should be considered, and it will be. The green movement had it's place in the 1970s, but now that there is government environmental oversight the arts majors (and other hippies) should leave it to the experts. .


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