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August 21 2010 Greenpeace looses it's charity status in Canada, New Zealand and soon... Germany?

Greenpeace "Activists" do $300 000 Damage to Crops

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 9:39 PM by Richard Schitts

Two Greenpeace extremists destroyed $300,000 worth of genetically modified wheat in Australia. They managed to completely destroy a genetically modified wheat trial design to increase wheat yields and decrease susceptibility to drought.

Greenpeace Activist?

A Greenpeace Activist at work?

Good job GP. You have successfully taken another step away from progress and towards your goal of massive food shortages during droughts. GP believes in global warming, so why would it be opposed to another precaution taken against it? Better drought tolerance in food = more food if it gets hotter.

But wait! There's more:

The research GP destroyed was funded by Australian taxpayers:

  • "Taxpayers should not fund the destruction of taxpayers’ property."
  • "If Greenpeace is found to be implicated in the destruction of scientific research, then they should no longer receive the benefit of a tax deduction from the Australian people."
  • "However, Greenpeace spokesperson, James Lorenz, said it was disappointing the Nationals Senator’s first priority was persecution rather than protection."

GP's response is ludicrous : "...disappoint[ed] the Nationals Senator’s first priority was persecution rather than protection" How do they not realize that the senator's first priority IS protection.... OF THE TAX PAYERS! Why would he ever protect a bunch of extremists destroying scientific research that has the potential to save lives!

The bottom line is:

If you disagree with a democratically elected government's plan, so you destroy it you aren't an activist, you're a terrorist.

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