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Who Could Hate the Iphone?

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 7:14 PM by Richard Schitts

Well it's official, Greenpeace bashed Apple. Basically GP would like the iphone if it was biodegradable and... edible? I would like a rocket powered car, but I don't go out and protest car companies because the don't make one. I'm sure Chevy would make a rocket car if they could, just like Apple would make a biodegradable laptop if they could. Again Greenpeace fails to understand reality.

It turns out that Greenpeace protesting Apple's environmental practices started months earlier when Greenpeace offered to give Apple an award. The catch was that Apple had to pay GP a substantial amount of money to receive the award. When Apple said "No" GP went on the warpath and even created a fake Apple website protesting all apple products.

Greenpeace doesn't quite understand how to use it's new Apple TV

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