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Guess who doesn't use toiletpaper?

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 9:00 PM by Richard Schitts

Another thing that Greenpeace doesn't like: Toilet paper. Greenpeace says they found mixed tropical hardwood in some toilet paper in New Zealand. Of course they have no way to telling where the wood actually came from, if it came from full trees, old tree stumps or leftover bark! GP's logical conclusion with this knowledge was the "...hardwood is associated with deforestation in Indonesia, which Greenpeace says is destroying the natural habitats of animals like the Sumatran Tiger."

The TP company response was as follows:

Cottonsoft’s director of corporate affairs Steve Nicholson says there’s “no credible evidence” for the allegation Greenpeace is making against Cottonsoft products.

“Cottonsoft products are approved by one of the world’s leading authorities on forest certification.

“That means that Cottonsoft products do not contain any high conservation value wood, which is fully protected under Indonesian law.”

Mr Nicholson says [t]he test that Greenpeace commissioned, published and is now citing in the media lacks scientific credibility.

It is reported the protest has the possibility of putting 100s of people out of work. But you can bet the publicity will make Greenpeace some money!

Maybe we should just use our hands?

While we're on the topic of the forest industry...

At one point in my life I worked for a pulp and paper company (years ago). The reality is that the full hardwood trees a Greenpeace activist portrays are NEVER used to make pulp. A hardwood log is simply more valuable when used for other things. Another somewhat related point - when a pulp and paper company owns land the forest on that land is tended like a garden. Let me give you and example. Find Nova Scotia on the map... geographically it probably reminds you of New Zealand right? Did you know that Nova Scotia has almost 1 MILLION more acres of forest than it did in the 1800s? This is due to... drum roll... modern pulp and paper companies tending their land in a sustainable fashion.


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