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Greenpeace Future Scenarios: A Loose - Loose

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 9:37 PM by Richard Schitts

GP protests a lot of stuff. Toilet paper, iphones, Oil, Oil price raises - you get the picture.

The question is, where does GP see all of these protests taking us. What would the Greenpeace future look like?

They have presented us with two scenarios: Scenario 1 - Where people don't listen to Greenpeace and Scenario 2 - where people listen to Greenpeace.

Scenario 1: People Stop spending $1/2 Billion on GP a year


GP - Scenario 1 is pretty much the apocalypse... because too much toilet paper and iPhones will lead to the downfall of civilization. Green peace will rise from the ashes of civilization to command a roving band of hippies that worship a nuclear bomb and dedicate themselves to destroying all remnants of the evil technology that brought about the apocalypse.

Pros: Laser guns, cool power armor, a few iphones are left

Cons: Mutants, Everything is really dirty

Scenario 2: People keep funding Greenpeace and all of their protests. They whittle away at the profits of evil multinational corporations.

GP Scenario 2 - After the downfall of evil multinational corporations people can go back to the land. One with mother earth they live in caves and sing kumbaya around a glowing campfire..

Pros: Everything is pretty clean, campfire stories, no mutants

Cons: Everything is a ton of work, You have to live in a cave, hunt your own food, start your own fires, listen to hippies tell you how good things are, etc

The future looks pretty bleak.....

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